Community Foundation deliver to Bolton Primary Schools

Wigan Warriors Community Foundation continue to deliver great work around the Bolton are to spread the word on Rugby League.

Wigan Warriors Community Foundation have been working hard to spread the word of Rugby League to areas away from and surrounding Wigan. A key area that the Foundation have been working on over the past 18-months, is Bolton.

Bolton Development Officer, Ryan Lee, commented: “Primary School Rugby League in Bolton has been developing nicely over the academic year. Building on the success and development of last year, we have continued our delivery with 400 pupils, both male and female, learning to play Rugby League on a weekly basis. Local Community Clubs have also shown a great extension of the Foundation’s work in the area. 

“We recently delivered a festival in the Bolton Area, with 7 teams playing competitive tag games with a further two festivals scheduled in for later in the year.”

Emily Cohen, a teacher at St Saviour’s in Bolton, said: “What a great experience of Rugby League the children have had with Ryan from Wigan Warriors Community Foundation. The children were engaged in sessions using a variety of equipment and different activities to keep them interested. 

“We must also comment on how inclusive these sessions were – Ryan made sure activities were adapted to meet the individual needs of SEND children to ensure they could also get the most out of the sessions. We have also had great feedback from staff members who were in the sessions – commenting on how much the children thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Thanks so much for giving our children a positive experience of Rugby League!”

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Thursday 28 March 2024