What You Can Win

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Weekly 1st prize

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Weekly 2nd prize

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Weekly 3rd prize

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There are also two x Super Jackpots of £10,000 and these are drawn half yearly on dates to be advertised on our social media channels.

Lotto Weekly Draw

The Wigan Warriors Lotto Draw is a members’ lottery, supporting Youth Development of Rugby League and in particular Youth Development at Wigan Warriors so it can continue its fabulous record of producing young stars who go on to represent the Club and in some cases even their Country.

A Wigan Warriors fan receiving a prize at their front door

How To Play

For just £1 per week, you will receive a Lotto membership card containing your ten sets of draw numbers, each with a prefix letter.

If your prefix letter and four following numbers are drawn, you will win one of our top seven prizes. As mentioned above, £10 consolation prizes are paid to all paid up members with same winning combination of numbers but a different prefix letter as any of the seven main prizes.

A big flag being held up by fans at a Wigan Warriors match

Jackpot Extra

The Jackpot Extra prize starts at £100. If not won that week, the prize will be rolled over and a further £100 added to the prize pot the following week and so on until won. If nobody matches the four rollover jackpot numbers in any week, it will keep rolling over until the prize reaches £7,500, at which point it will be drawn until it is won and the Jackpot reset to £100 the following week.

A Wigan Warriors fan holding a flag and a prize