Riverside Emerging Schools Festivals Success

Wigan Warriors Community Foundation’s Emerging Schools festivals, in partnership with Riverside Plumbing Supplies continues to be a fantastic success with huge numbers recorded since September 2023.

In 2024, Wigan Warriors Community Foundation have delivered both Girls and Boys Rugby League sessions at a number of secondary schools in the area including St John Fisher, St Peter’s, Bedford, Deanery, Standish, West Leigh, Fred Longworth, Shevington.

The sessions have seen over 4,000 boys and girls participating since September 2023 after hosting 16 Emerging Schools Festivals for male and female students in school years 7-10.

The festivals are key to aiding development for young players in Rugby League with focus on skills and execution.

On the success of the programme, Rugby Development Manager John Whalley said: “I would like to thank Riverside Plumbing Supplies for sponsoring the Emerging Schools Festivals, this has allowed us to give so many playing opportunities to both Boys and Girls that don’t play every week in the Community. 

“We can see the numbers of participation rising weekly and I would like to thank all the schools for your continued support. As we enter the summer months, I look forward to seeing more schools and pupils participating.”

Rugby Development Co-ordinator, Tom Marsh added: “Working in the schools since September has been great! Seeing participants taking part in the lessons to then coming to the Riverside Emerging Schools festivals and hearing positive feedback from them is great. 

“The teachers at all schools attending are doing a great job encouraging Rugby League when we the Community Foundation aren’t at school. There seems to be a real buzz around the town with rugby at the moment.”

To find out more, contact Wigan Warriors Community Foundation on community@wiganwarriors.com

Sunday 24 March 2024