Check your Our League codes

  • Thursday’s encounter v Castleford is our first ‘Our League exclusive’ fixture
  • Unique codes have been emailed to each 2021 season ticket holder
  • Please register now in good time ahead of the game if you haven’t already

Season ticket holders who haven’t yet activated their unique Our League code are urged to do so as soon as possible, ahead of our first game to be streamed exclusively live on the platform.

Thursday night’s return to the DW Stadium to face Castleford Tigers (6pm kick-off) will be our very first Betfred Super League game since we started playing behind closed doors that hasn’t been shown live on Sky Sports.

Therefore, the Our League streaming service will be the only way to watch the match live, with the terms of the contractual arrangement between Sky Sports and Super League Europe meaning that season ticket holders of each club are the only people who are able to access the service on the night. There is unfortunately no option for non-season ticket holders to watch live on a pay-per-view basis*.

With that in mind, it is highly likely that a large cross-section of our current season ticket holders who already subscribe to Sky Sports are likely to be registering for Our League and activating their unique access codes in the coming days in order to view the stream.

To avoid potential last minute problems, we are strongly urging fans in this situation to check their email now for their code and ensure that everything is in order with their Our League account by following the instructions contained within the email. The emails confirming the codes have been sent in batches between 25th March and 15th April, depending on how early you purchased your season ticket.

If you cannot find the email containing your code, please initially check your spam or junk folder, as some email providers have been overly officious with classing the emails as unwanted, which is certainly the exact opposite of the truth!

If any codes are still missing following that check, please email [email protected] with your name(s), client code(s) and the relevant email address(es) to send the missing codes to, and we will respond as quickly as we can over the course of next week. Please do not follow up any initial enquiries about missing codes until the morning of the game unless you need to change any details you have already submitted, as we expect demand to be high throughout the week and will process the incoming queries in batches until the day of the game to maximise our efficiency of response.

If, having entered your code, you encounter any technical difficulties, please do not email the Club, as unfortunately the Our League service is provided by a third party and we do not have access to the software to be able to identify or resolve errors. Instead, please email the new customer service address of [email protected] with a screenshot of your problem and details of the device/browser you are using, as well as confirming that you are a Wigan Warriors supporter, which will help the central help team to resolve your issue as swiftly as possible.

*As per normal contractual arrangements for Betfred Super League matches, Wigan TV will still be permitted to show brief highlights from two hours after full-time, extended highlights from 24 hours after full-time and a full game re-run from midnight on Sunday 25th April. To subscribe to Wigan TV, visit