Warriors At Home returns

  • Weekly tasks return to see you through lockdown
  • Take part alongside fellow Warriors fans
  • Try our fitness task and check out our Community Foundation’s exercise video

After helping to engage thousands of Wigan fans with stimulating activities throughout the first UK lockdown in 2020, we’re bringing #WarriorsAtHome back for 2021’s lockdown return.

Based primarily on our Facebook and Twitter platforms, the premise behind #WarriorsAtHome is simple… we set you a challenge to achieve at home, and it’s up to you to try and complete it alongside your fellow Warriors fans!

When we first launched in March 2020, we tasked our supporters with a variety of tasks that mixed skill, art, athleticism and humour, focusing on a different daily theme to see how our support base responded to keep a sense of unity despite us all being distanced by necessity.

For the January 2021 resurrection, we’re going to give you all a little bit longer to take part in each task, with a new weekly challenge provisionally scheduled to launch every Monday.

For our first contest of 2021, we’re asking Warriors fans this week to show us how they’re adapting their exercise routines to be suitable for other fans to try in their own home, be it on your sofa, on an impromptu dancefloor in the kitchen or braving the cold in your garden!

Put on your Wigan colours and use anything Warrior-related as relevant props and we’ll share the best of the photos and videos to show fellow fans how you’re getting on, so that they can see if they can match your efforts or go one better with an even more creative fitness regime.

There’s a helping hand for anyone looking for inspiration on a home work out thanks to Wigan Warriors Community Foundation, who have created a series of routine-based fitness videos aimed at the attendees of our Rugby Memories group.

As a way to stay connected with the group during the Covid-19 pandemic, and thanks to funding from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, the Community Foundation are delivering a digital programme of activities to keep in touch, and keep people moving.

Check out their first weekly video here for a gentle introduction to post-Festive season exercise…

Keep an eye out for more similar videos courtesy of our Community Foundation in the coming weeks as we provide the stimulus to stay active within the safety of your own home.

If you’re not naturally an athletic type, don’t worry, just keep an eye out for the next weekly #WarriorsAtHome challenge and see if our entirely new theme for the following week is more along the lines of your motivation and skillset.

Head to our Facebook and Twitter pages now to see what our first contestants are up to and keep tabs on it all week to check out the competition!

Treat yourself to a lockdown uplift by placing an order from the Wigan Warriors Official Store, with free delivery on all UK orders over £20 for the rest of January!

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