Ticketmaster Sport Update

  • Club announces the planned launch of the new Ticketmaster Sport platform.
  • Important information for fans.
  • A digital-first approach to ticketing.

Wigan Warriors are delighted to announce that the Club’s new ticketing platform will be launched early next week.

The Ticketmaster Sport system offers a digital-first approach to ticketing where tickets are primarily purchased online and delivered digitally, providing a more environmentally friendly and sustainable solution.

In advance of the launch, we have provided fans with some essential information to assist the transition to the new site.

Frequently asked questions:

Will I need to change my Wigan Warriors ticketing account login details?

Yes. All current ticketing accounts will need to be updated.

Will season ticket holders have priority access to ticket sales?

Yes.  Giving our most loyal supporters buying priority has been one of the main reasons for change.  We intend, where possible, to give priority to season ticket holders for all major events including away fixtures, cup games and major finals.  We also intend to offer a period of sale for season ticket holders to claim their seats for non-Betfred Super League fixtures at the DW Stadium. 

When will 2024 Betfred Super League Season Tickets and World Club Challenge tickets be sent out?

Season Tickets and World Club Challenge tickets will be sent out digitally in the coming weeks.

How do I register my account as a Season Ticket holder?

Existing user details and logins will not work for their new account. When the new platform is live, fans will need to register or claim their account. 2024 Season Ticket holders who have an email address assigned to their account will receive an email with details on how to claim their account. For Season Ticket holders who do not have an email address assigned to their account, we ask that you please email tickets@wiganwarriors.com with your full name, postal address, contact phone number and current email address.

What action do I take as a Non-Season Ticket holder

Non-Season Ticket holders will be required to register a completely new account. You will need to access the new platform and follow the simple steps identified to register a new account.

Booking and transaction fees for home and away league fixtures.

There will be no booking fees or transaction fees charged when buying tickets online that are delivered digitally. There will be a nominal fee of £1.50 charged where postage and packaging of tickets are required and selected by supporters whether purchased online or through the Ticket Office. As part of the club’s commitment to sustainability and the environment, we are proactively encouraging fans to support our campaign to reduce the club’s carbon footprint by reducing paper waste and postage of physical tickets.

Booking and transactional charges for finals and other non-sporting large events.

There will be a nominal fee of £2 for booking tickets should Wigan Warriors reach the Challenge Cup final or Grand Final as well as any other large non-sporting events that may be delivered at the Robin Park Arena or DW Stadium.

Can I still have a physical Season Ticket?  
Yes, however, as part of the Club’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and the use of non-essential plastics, the club will be issuing season tickets digitally in the first instance. Fans who require a physical season ticket should email their request to tickets@wiganwarriors.com as soon as possible. Please ensure that you quote your full name, contact phone number and address in all correspondence. From 2025 there will be an additional charge of £5 for those supporters who wish to remain having a physical season tickets.

Ticket Office.

Supporters requiring assistance with ticket purchases will still be able to visit or speak with the ticket office in person, by calling 01942 311 111 or by emailing tickets@wiganwarriors.com.  Non-digitally purchased tickets will be subject to nominal additional fees.

Does the partnership between Wigan Warriors and Ticketmaster mean fans will have to go to Ticketmaster.co.uk to purchase tickets?

No. Ticketmaster is providing the technology that will power Wigan Warriors ticketing platform. The fan ticketing experience will remain on www.wiganwarriors.com Supporters who purchase online, by phone or in-person can continue doing this through the same channels.   

What does Official Ticketing Partner mean?

Ticketmaster will be the exclusive ticketing provider for all of Wigan Warriors ticketing services. The partnership will see Wigan Warriors benefiting from the latest in ticketing systems and the continuous improvements to those systems to better the fan experience.

If I have a problem with my ticket, will I have to contact Ticketmaster’s customer service?

No. You will continue to contact the DW Stadium Ticket Office for all your ticketing requirements.

What changes will I see on the updated ticketing platform?

You will see some design changes to our updated ticketing platform. Fans will also have greater control over how they manage their tickets online using Ticketmaster’s state-of-the-art platform.

Will I need a Ticketmaster account?

No, you will not need to register directly with Ticketmaster. You will log in to the ticketing platform through www.wiganwarriors.com as you usually would.

Does the ticketing platform apply to just match tickets?

All men’s, women’s, Reserves and Academy fixtures, Season Tickets and any other tickets bought for Club events, will be hosted on the new platform.

Can I transfer my ticket if I can’t attend a home game?  

Yes, you will still be able to transfer your ticket to a friend or family member if you cannot attend a home fixture.

Can I buy tickets for my friends and family?

 Yes. ‘My Network’ is a feature of your online account which allows you to manage the accounts of friends or family members. You can add up to 20 members to your online network. Once a supporter has been added to your account, you will be able to purchase tickets on their behalf, subject to availability. If a supporter gives you full management rights over their account, you will also be able to purchase ticketing products which have been reserved in their name (e.g. reserved cup tickets). More information on how to use ‘My Network’ will be released in due course.

Will my ticketing history data be saved?

Yes, your ticketing history will remain part of your ticketing account.

What is the functionality of the new platform for buying multiple tickets on one email address, disabled and carers tickets?

The system will offer accessible tickets online as well as digital print-at-home and mobile tickets. Users can have as many accounts under one email address and each member will have a unique client ref to identify and assign tickets to other people within the network to speed up the booking process. There will also be additional features such as: View from seat, interactive seating map and ticket exchanges. We understand that many fans use the same email for children’s accounts, here we ask the fans to set unique passwords to access each separate account.

Further information will be provided on launch of the new platform next week.

Thursday 01 February 2024