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Mary Sharkey

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Mary, who joined Wigan as an Office Junior under her maiden name of Charnock in July 1981, has worked in a variety of roles at the Club – Club Secretary, Football Manager, Chief Executive, Director and Chief Administrator.

She has been a constant and influential figure through years which included both unprecedented success and some more turbulent times, earning the trust and respect of all at the Club – players, coaches and administrators alike.

Mary’s first experience of the Club was an unexpected delay to her interview at Central Park with Maurice Lindsay – then a member of the Board of Directors – who was distracted by other matters and inadvertently kept her waiting for more than an hour. Maurice would go on to joke, as Mary became a trusted colleague, that he had been impressed by her stickability.

Jack Hilton was then Chairman, the first of seven with whom Mary worked, followed by Lindsay, Jack Robinson, Peter Norbury, Arthur Thomas, Mike Nolan and, for the last 15 years, Ian Lenagan. Her work at Wigan has ensured she is well-known and respected throughout Rugby League, as she has devoted so much of her life to the sport – while also volunteering for various other organisations in the Wigan community.

Mary was added to the RFL Roll of Honour in 2022 for her dedication to the sport, the year in which she retired from the Club after 41-years of fantastic service.

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