Leyland Summer Camp added

Wigan Warriors Community Foundation are pleased to announce an additional summer camp for Week Six, to be held at Leyland Warriors.

With two more weeks of Summer Camps remaining, a new camp has been added at Leyland Warriors alongside camps which were already scheduled at Ince Rose Bridge and Leigh Miners Rangers.

Sessions will include attacking and defending activities, a visit from Mighty Max and lots of game related activity as Wigan Warriors Community Foundation build on strong relationships with Clubs outside of the Wigan borough.

Leyland Warriors Camp

  • Leyland Warriors, PR26 7XU
  • Tuesday 29th – Thursday 31st August
  • 10am – 2pm
  • Ages 6-11
  • £10 per day (£30 for three days)

To book your spot on the Leyland camp click HERE, or to book any of our camps in Cumbria (Ulverston, Dalton or Barrow) click HERE. Further information can be found by emailing community@wiganwarriors.com

Wednesday 16 August 2023