Gallery: One Club training session

Wigan Warriors hosted their second ‘One Club’ training session on Monday evening as all Wigan Warriors teams got together at Robin Park Arena to train.

Player from Wigan Warriors’ many teams all took part in different groups. Each group had at least one player from every team and they rotated to get involved in various sessions which were led by 20 coaches from all of the different teams.

The 12 groups all got involved in sessions including offside touch, skill games and drills, passing, tag, wheelchair, yoga/movement and strength and conditioning.

Take a look at the best photos from the night, courtesy of Bryan Fowler:

First Team Head Coach, Matt Peet, said: “All the teams trained together and enjoyed the session, it was really well organised by the Club. All our volunteer coaches, alongside professional coaches all came together to provide a good session for all those Wigan players.

“It makes you proud, we’re in the business of winning games and winning trophies but alongside that this Club has an impact on so many lives.”

Assistant Coach, Thomas Leuluai added: “It’s good to be involved. Last year it was a fantastic event and it was something that we wanted to keep doing moving forwards. Last year I was involved as a player, so here in a different role this time but everyone seems to be enjoying it and that is what’s important.”

Transition Coach, John Duffy: “It’s good to see the Club connected all the way through all the teams. It offers some good insight for us as Coaches to see what everyone is doing across the Club and it’s also a good insight for all the players to see what we do across each bit of development.”

Warriors Wheelchair player, Declan Roberts also said: “Everybody seems to be enjoying themselves and getting stuck into the collisions which is the fun and most important part. There’s been quite a few big collisions, some nice passing and some nice tries scored. It’s great to see everyone down, getting involved but also embracing the Wheelchair game too as part of this Club.”

Wednesday 02 August 2023