Kickstart job opportunities with the Warriors

Robin Park Arena
  • Wigan Warriors Community Foundation to provide job opportunities for young people within our Club.
  • Warriors are one of a number of clubs involved in the programme that will offer paid work placement for 16-24-year-olds.
  • Roles will be offered within the organisation through the Government’s new kickstart initiative.

Wigan Warriors Community Foundation are giving local young people the chance to get back into work thanks to the government’s new Kickstart scheme providing some exciting new opportunities within the Club.

We are one of a number of clubs involved in the programme which will offer six-month paid work placement roles to hundreds of young people aged 16-24 claiming Universal Credit.

The Foundation will be facilitating a number of opportunities in marketing, commercial partnerships and data analysis, as well as working with local partners and stakeholders to further broaden the offer throughout the year.

Head of community at Wigan Warriors, Martin Mcloughlin, said: “The impact of Covid-19 on our young people is clearly very significant and we are delighted to be able to offer opportunities to young people in our communities through the Kickstart programme. 

“A key part of our strategy at the Foundation is to raise aspirations and realise the potential within our communities and a scheme like Kickstart enables us to have a significant impact on the young people who need our support most right now.”

The Kickstart project targets young people who have been hit especially hard by Covid-19 and focuses on giving them the best possible chance of getting a job.

Under the scheme, the RFL will be acting as a gateway provider – bringing together a network of Rugby League clubs, community organisations and other partners to provide a wealth of opportunities across the country for the out-of-work youngsters.

Though the Community Foundation will be the facilitator of the recruitment process, the successful candidates will be offered work opportunities across an eclectic range of Club departments at Robin Park Arena, with posts including:

  • Media and Marketing Executive (two roles; one primarily focusing on non-first team communications and PR and one focused towards marketing the non-rugby sectors of the Club)
  • Commercial Assistant (two roles; one mainly linked to supporting hospitality client administration and one supporting our relationships with commercial partners)
  • Data Analyst (two roles; supporting the rugby department)

In order to apply for the various posts, please ask your Jobcentre Plus Work Coach to look into the Kickstart roles being offered by the RFL/Wigan Warriors/Wigan Warriors Community Foundation and they can refer you if you fit the necessary critera, including being within the essential 16 to 24-year-old age bracket, with applications continuing to be accepted for the next couple of weeks until suitable candidates for each position are found.

Please note that we cannot accept direct applications via Club contact points; all applications must be submitted as a referral through your Jobcentre Plus Work Coach.

Successful candidates will be recruited on the basis of a 25-hour working week and will receive the relevant minimum wage for their age category via the Kickstart scheme.

Thursday 03 June 2021