The New Badge: In focus

Our New Badge

Noticeably different from anything ever sported on the famous Cherry and White jersey before, our new look introduces a fierce and determined Warrior for the first time, whilst retaining some key elements of the old crest – who we are and what we stand for – and representing club and town alike with some subtle design elements.

The Warrior is one of the famous Brigante Warriors who roamed our town in the Iron Age and have become synonymous with the most fervent elements of our support base. Leading us into battle is a figure with steely Wigan determination in his eyes, helmet on and primed for the conflict ahead, making his allegiance clear with WW proudly etched into his passionate face.

The Shield is an element borrowed from our existing crest, providing the protective backdrop for our Warrior.

The Circle is an all-new shape for our Club’s badge of honour. In place of the civic component of our previous crest – the town’s coat of arms – is a more contemporary reference to what our town stands for… the iconic circular design of the Northern Soul emblem.

The Background features our famous Cherry and White hoops, incorporated into our emblem for the first time.

The Motto is something that no Wigan badge should be without, reminding us that we are Ancient and Loyal, until we die.

The Date symbolises the first time rugby was played in our town, when Wigan FC – effectively the founding fathers of the legacy that became Wigan Warriors – first started playing the sport in 1872 at Folly Field… a crucial year to remember with a 150th anniversary celebration on the horizon.

The Name needs no introduction.

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