Get to know: Jake Bibby

After making six Betfred Super League appearances in his debut year so far at his hometown club, we caught up with centre Jake Bibby to find out more about his life off the field.

During the off-season, Wigan-born Bibby joined Adrian Lam’s squad and has since settled well into the first team fold, missing just one of the opening seven league games.

Prior to current social distancing measures because of the coronavirus pandemic, we found out more about the former South Stand Season Ticket Holder. Here are five facts to help you get to know Jake Bibby a little bit better:

1. His favourite TV show is Game of Thrones

“I’m quite big on my TV, I bashed out Game of Thrones and it was amazing. Everyone says that the last season was bad, and although the ending wasn’t climatic, I didn’t mind it. I preferred how the previous season ended.

“I also like the US Office, that’s mega, and Rick and Morty is serious too. As a kid I used to love the old carton Scooby Doo’s, they were the best ones.”

How well do you know Jake Bibby?

2. He’s a fan of Harry Style’s solo music:

“I’m into a range of music, I like Fleetwood Mac and a bit of Police. I’m also into rap, Logic is probably one of my favourite artists because he’s over a spectrum. I really like Harry Styles too at the moment, he’s quite mega. If I could only have one album, it could be Styles, but I don’t think I could listen to it for the rest of my life.”

Bibby is a Harry Styles fan.

3. His favourite takeaway is pizza

“My favourite food is pizza or pasta, any kind of unhealthy stuff really. Dominos is up there for me, and I’ve seen a little life hack where you can turn their garlic bread into a bigger version!”

4. Despite having other jobs, Rugby League always came first

“I would’ve been a floor layer or a tiler if I wasn’t playing the sport, but rugby always came first. My bosses used to let me go home early because I wasn’t doing much, and they knew that I wanted to be training.”

5. His favourite holiday destination is America

“I like America, I once went there with school. We travelled to San Francisco and went skiing. I was young at the time and with all of my mates, so that made it better. It’s a strange country with some strange people, but there was a load of unhealthy food I could eat.”