Community Projects.

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Wigan Warriors Community Foundation delivers a wide range of projects to meet community, educational and health needs. By using the famous Wigan Warriors ethos and links to the players we have delivered some truly outstanding projects for a wide range of groups. Some examples of our recent projects are below:

Warriors at War

Awarded through the Heritage Lottery Fund’s ‘First World War: then and now’ programme, the project focuses on the historical background of Wigan Warriors Rugby Club and its players during the period of the First World War. The season of 1914/15 will ranks as one of the most memorable in the annals of Wigan Rugby Club with 11 players from the club enlisting for the defence of the Empire. The ‘Warriors at War’ project digs deep into the local museum’s collections and archives in tracing what happened to the Wigan Rugby players who signed up and fought during the First World War, looking at their individual war records, their sporting achievements and what this meant in relation to local pride and identity. Children were also educated on the rugby club at the time of the First World War, its attempts to continue within the Northern Union league, the lifestyles, training and the types of work players endured compared to now. Learning is showcased through the children designing newspaper articles and the programme is celebrated through a First World War themed tag rugby festival at Central Park.

Walking Rugby

Supported by Age UK and the Older Mens Network- Building Better Buddies programme, the project aims to trains up volunteers in raising their awareness of older men’s health issues and in developing their confidence and knowledge in delivering walking rugby sessions to groups of adult males. The sessions run in partnership with ABL Health’s ‘Trim Down Shape Up’ programme which runs twice a week down at Central Park helping males to improve their health, wellbeing and physical activity levels. Sessions run 6.30-9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Warriors Sport Zone

In partnership with Street Games, Wigan Athletic Community Trust, and the WLCT, the Foundation runs a number of sessions at Central Park on a Friday evening. The sessions are part of the Street Games Doorstep Sports Programme which provide a vibrant and varied sporting offer to young people in disadvantaged communities and are designed to grow 14-25 year olds motivation and ability to adopt a sporting habit for life. Sessions run 6-9pm on a Friday evening.

I’m a Green Warrior

In a unique partnership between the Wigan Warriors Community Foundation, Wigan Warriors and Maloney Associates, an innovative new project has been launched to promote the development of a greener community and a sustainable future in Wigan. This innovative campaign is like nothing else currently being delivered in the borough as the Warriors Foundation lead the way in decreasing the carbon footprint in Wigan. The “I’m a Green Warrior” campaign will engage hundreds of schools, colleges and businesses along with thousands of individuals to take part in the renewable energy agenda. The club’s headquarters at CWM FX Central Park is already host to a state-of-the-art Education Centre, unparalleled sporting facilities, the highly reputable Wigan Warriors Youth Development Programme, and an assembly of reputable partners. In addition to this CWM FX Central Park will become an exemplar site for renewable energy with the latest technology, and will host a bespoke training facility to demonstrate the importance of renewable energy.


The ‘CLUB 1’ programme is another Street Games initiative and aims to get more young people aged 14-25 to take part in solo activities, as part of a group and of their own accord. The aim is to enhance and connect young people to activity opportunities in their local area, help them make use of local facilities and prepare them to be active independently - contributing to creating a sporting habit for life. The Foundation will soon be offering two CLUB 1 sessions at Central Park, with one being a girl only ‘US GIRLS’ project.

Warriors Spirit

Awarded through Sport England’s Small Grants Programme, Warriors Spirit is an inclusion project which provides extra-curricular provision for children with physical or learning disabilities. The project currently works with 10 specialist schools in offering sport and activity sessions alongside an inclusion sports club based at Central Park. We believe that every young person should have full access to physical education and active recreation, with disability not being an issue to full inclusion. Wigan Warriors Community Foundation is intent on delivering this by delivering an outstanding framework that uses the disciplines of sport to engage young people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. The focus far from being on the technical skills of a particular sport, but encouraging the related skills of confidence and coordination

Tin Sculpture Challenge

Last year, The Brick launched its hugely successful Tin Sculpture Challenge with the Wigan Warriors Community Foundation and Wigan-based Houses For Homes. The challenge calls for for schools, colleges and youth groups with that real ‘can do’ spirit to donate food cans in creating stunning tin can sculptures. All the tins used in the sculptures are donated to the Food Bank to help people in the Wigan borough who are in need. Each week, The Brick distributes more than 150 food parcels to families and people in crisis in our borough. Each one contains enough essential items for three days.

The Learning Curve

In partnership with the Foundations main partners Mitsubishi Electrical, The Learning Curve is an education programme designed and delivered by Mitsubishi Electrics. The programme fits seamlessly into the existing curriculum, with carefully defined learning objectives for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils. The three hour sessions use our interactive, purpose built classrooms and the live renewable technology in our Central Park showroom and grounds to deliver the message of “reduce, reuse and recycle”. Each child receives a workbook containing information on the topics covered and includes space to record findings from experiments, whilst offering tips for the reduction of energy consumption at home.

Dementia Reminiscence Campaign

The Foundation works in partnership with the NHS to help raise awareness of dementia and support those who suffer from the mental health issue. Alongside match day promotion to raise awareness of the syndrome, players have been visiting local care homes using true reminiscence therapy, past stories and things from peoples past related to the Wigan Warriors to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Bag it up for charity

WWCF has an innovative recycling scheme in partnership with Bag It Up Ltd, which raises crucial funds for the charity and helps save the environment. Fans can donate their old textiles, clothes and shoes through a number of red textile banks in and around Wigan. These donated items are then sorted and the good quality garments are repacked and resold worldwide, whilst items that cannot be resold are recycled into industrial wipers and cloths, insulation and new fibres. All garments are recycled in one way or another. To date over £30,000 has been raised. For more information on the partnership click HERE.