Lenagan pleased with blend

  • Chairman Ian Lenagan spoke to Wigan TV following the announcement of the Warriors’ new Coaching Team for 2022 and onwards.
  • Lenagan: “We have the perfect blend for next year.”
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Wigan Warriors Chairman Ian Lenagan has described the new Coaching Team as ‘the best’ in his 14 years at the Club.

Following Tuesday’s announcement, the Chairman sat down with Wigan TV to discuss the new appointments for 2022 onwards.

“It’s the best coaching team certainly that I’ve known in my 14 years here – it’s a combination of a lot of talent,” Lenagan said.

He added: “I think the blend of experience, innovation and promising talent – all the words that you have, we have the perfect blend for next year.

“What we are really saying is next year we want to be a special year, particularly because of the 150th anniversary and that is a very important milestone for myself and the Club.”

Wigan Warriors new head coach Matt Peet is unveiled at a press conference along with Lee Briers, Shaun Wane, Ian Lenagan and Sean O’Loughlin.

Speaking on new Head Coach Matt Peet, Lenagan said: “We all think that Matt Peet is a very capable coach, 13 years history with astonishing performances in the Academy in six out of the seven years winning the Grand Final, rivalling only Shaun Wane in that respect. His qualifications as a Level 4 Coach, which is a very high level in Rugby League, he’s got an honours degree in English as well.

“He’s extremely well qualified, very experienced, he’s spent three years now as Assistant Coach at Wigan and he’s absolutely ready to take over that role. As the new Head Coach we are delighted, we think that one of the leading young coaches of the game taking over at Wigan is good.

“We’ve got Sean O’Loughlin with him in his second year now, but by adding Lee Briers to the troop of coaches I think we’re bringing in kicking skills, attacking skills, years of playing and coaching experience and behind them you have got Shaun Wane as a mentor to the group.”

The Chairman also confidently outlined his hopes for 2022: “We’re used to winning trophies, Shaun Wane carried that on after Michael Maguire and we want it to continue under Matt. I think it would be great to be, not at Wembley, but at Tottenham on this occasion to be in the Challenge Cup and of course we want to win the Grand Final. We came close a year ago but we haven’t come close this year and we want to compete.”

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