St George's Blog - Part 3

St George's Blog - Part 3

Hey guys,

It’s me again! Hope everyone is alright?

Well, where do I start? This past week has been one of the biggest of my career so far. It is up there with making my debut for Wigan and England plus the Grand Final week. Playing for my country in a Test match against the Kiwis was unbelievable, I couldn’t sleep on Sunday night due to adrenaline.

It was a massive result for the country, we had quite a lot of pressure put on the team to do well particularly after England Rugby Union side failed to make it out of the group at the World Cup. We didn’t let that affect us and we certainly got the series off to a bang.

The Kiwis have some world-class players in their side such as Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Shaun Kenny-Dowall, Issac Luke and Adam Blair to mention a few. Our defence was pretty solid in the second-half and that was a big factor in the win.

To be honest, when I was first called up to the squad, I didn’t really know what to expect. I thought I could potentially get a shot to face France in the first game but I didn’t think I would be playing against New Zealand so I’m really grateful to Steve (McNamara) for putting faith in me, I hope that I can now repay him with some solid performances here.

I have to admit, I was pretty nervous when I got the news that I would be in the team mid-week so I just listened to some music so to relax a bit and take my mind off things. You can’t beat a bit of RnB - Chris Brown being my favourite artist at the moment.

I turned 21 on Saturday as well, the day before the game, thanks for all the birthday wishes on social media! The boys and I just chilled out after the Team Run and played some FIFA…no birthday drinking the day before the game of course. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see my family or girlfriend on my birthday but I’m not complaining, I’m in the England squad and living the dream here.

I am missing them a bit though and my dog too, Floyd! He is a French Bulldog but he’s only young so he’s small at the moment but a little terror. My girlfriend has been looking after him but I think he loves her more and she loves him more anyway!

In relation to my last blog, I watched the new James Bond film and it was pretty decent. That lad is fluky isn’t he just?!

The confidence is high now in camp and all the lads are buzzing for the next test this weekend. It makes it even more exciting that we are playing at the Olympic Stadium. The atmosphere is going to be electric and I like the idea of playing a Test down South, hopefully our sport can gain a few more followers like we did when we hosted our game down at Millwall earlier this year. I’m looking forward to this one, hopefully plenty of you can join us this week or next when we’re back up in Wigan.

Cya later,