Joint Statement: Wigan. Our message to you

Joint Statement: Wigan. Our message to you

To all Wiganers.

All of you, whether you be a red or a blue.

We are currently living through an unprecedented time of uncertainty, anxiety and worry that our town, community and our country have not experienced in peace-time.

People say that there’s something in the water in Wigan. It’s created steely-eyed sportsmen and women, young and old, and creates a culture of success where we punch above our weight.

That night at Central Park against Manly, Ben Watson’s goal at Wembley, this town has a history of rallying around one another to inspire success.

Well, the success we are all striving for in this crisis is togetherness, something that both Latics and Warriors believe in. Something our town and our community have in abundance.

We are not red or blue – We are Wigan. We need to look after each other more than ever and as the town’s proudest sporting teams we’re speaking to you today to say that we’re with you. We’ll look to engage you, inform you, reassure you as much as we can in these trying times and if you need us, just ask. We’re here for you.

Remember. In these times be empathetic to those who are less-fortunate, support the miracle workers that are our NHS staff, listen to the advice and heed the warnings from the authorities.

Ancient and Loyal we will remain, and as the Latics motto of ‘Progress with Unity’ urges us, United we shall stand.

I’m Wigan, Me.

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