DW Stadium public facilities closed

DW Stadium public facilities closed

The DW Stadium Ticket Office and other public facilities at the stadium have closed as of 5pm this evening as a precaution against the Covid-19 outbreak.

It means that any supporters with ticket queries should now be aware that the Ticket Office is now only contactable via phone on 01942 311111 or by emailing [email protected]

Other facilities at the stadium including our Lotto office, Rigalettos Italian Restaurant and the Wigan Athletic Club Shop are also affected by the closure and will no longer be accessible to the public until further notice.

Those who would normally pay Lotto subscriptions via the offices in the West Stand at the DW Stadium will instead be able to make these payments via Robin Park Arena from lunchtime on Thursday; a further communication will follow to confirm when this arrangement is live.

Any supporters who had placed bookings at the restaurant should email [email protected] or call 01942 770432 if they have any queries in relation to their forthcoming reservations.

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