Shed Shuffle: Dom Manfredi

Shed Shuffle: Dom Manfredi

  • Wigan winger Dom Manfredi adds 10 tracks to the player’s pre-match playlist

  • Find out what the Wigan squad will be listening to ahead of Thursday’s Betfred Super League game.

  • Weekly playlist selected by the Wigan Warriors squad.

Get inside the Wigan Warriors changing room ahead of each game with the Shed Shuffle - a weekly Spotify playlist created and updated by Wigan’s players.

Every game week a different Wigan player will select ten tracks to add to their pre-match playlist. This week it’s Dom Manfredi.

Take a look at his selection of tracks below. Select the Spotify player below to listen and make sure to follow the playlist on Spotify to keep up to date with all of the latest additions from the Wigan squad!

Make sure to follow the playlist on Spotify by clicking HERE.

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