Much better: Lam

Much better: Lam

  • Adrian Lam reacts to Wigan’s 6-4 victory over Castleford at the DW Stadium on Saturday

  • “We need wins at the moment and we will do whatever it takes”

  • Praises the performances of the returning Sam Powell and Captain Sean O’Loughlin

Wigan Head Coach Adrian Lam believes that the Warriors defensive efforts against Castleford were the best of the season so far following their 6-4 victory at the DW Stadium.

The win makes it two in a row for Wigan after Easter Monday’s victory over Salford. However, the Warriors Head Coach admitted that things didn’t go to plan to begin with against Castleford.

“I woke up this morning feeling really good about the way we were going to play, but the weather flattened that out completely.

“At the end of the day if someone said you can win 6-4 I would have taken that. We just need the wins at the moment and we will do whatever it takes.”

A much-improved defensive performance for the Warriors saw Adrian Lam’s men stop Castleford from scoring a single try on the night.

On their defensive efforts: “I felt confidence in our defence and that’s probably the best it’s been all year. We certainly turned a corner today just off the back of the hunger I felt.

“It was completely different from previous weeks. We had a pretty big week regarding our defence, it was pretty personal, we had a couple of meetings and sometimes you need to do that to get their attention.

“What’s great about this group is that they are honest with each other and they put their hand up. Today was much better.”

After returning from a two-match ban, Sam Powell stole the show scoring the only try of the game.

On his performance Lam said, “I think had Lockers and Powell not been there, you don’t know what may have happened.

“When the players sit in the dressing room, look around and see Sam Powell and Sean O’Loughlin putting the jersey on, it certainly gives them confidence.”

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