Retro games featuring Adrian Lam

Retro games featuring Adrian Lam

  • Classic games featuring Adrian Lam coming to Wigan TV
  • See around 15 games between now and Christmas featuring the Papua New Guinean half-back
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In the coming weeks between now and Christmas, Wigan TV will be showing a number of games featuring Adrian Lam, who takes charge of the Wigan Warriors for 2019 season.

Starting off with his home debut from 2001 against Warrington and including some memorable moments along the way, it’s an opportunity to relive some great games and get a glimpse of how the Papua New Guinean international played the game.

We’ll see again the way he controlled the Challenge Cup victory over St Helens in 2002 and again in the play-offs in 2003; there’ll be around 15 games to watch again in total.

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