Wigan announce new partner Smartdot

Wigan announce new partner Smartdot

Global Smartdot Limited have announced an exciting new partnership with 2018 BETFRED Super League Champions Wigan Warriors.

Smartdot join the Club as the Official Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Protection Partner of Wigan Warriors and will be working alongside the Club’s High Performance Programme, staff and players to improve blood oxygenation by managing EMF exposure. The Programme is designed to improve player performance levels and recovery times.

Smartdot and biodot retune incoherent man made electromagnetic frequencies to make them coherent like natural EMF. Our body reacts positively to coherent EMF increasing blood oxygenation allowing us to perform at our optimum level.

Wigan Warriors Executive Director, Kris Radlinski said “Our profession is always evolving, as is the technology available to us in order to continuously improve our High Performance programme and training methods. Player welfare and recovery is a crucial element of elite performance and we are delighted to partner with Steven Moors and the team at Smartdot in order to ensure we get the best out of our players, whilst providing them with protection from any external elements. We look forward to welcoming Smartdot to our partnership family and working on a number of collaboration projects within our performance programme.

Global SmartDot Director, Steven Moors, said, “Energydots are thrilled at the opportunity to work with Wigan Warriors. We are very excited about this partnership and are looking forward to a successful season working alongside with the club.”

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