Lotto Roll Over winner

Lotto Roll Over winner

The ‘Roll Over’ on the Warriors LOTTO has been increasing week by week as no winner was found when the bonus numbers were drawn but this week it reached its maximum level of £7,500 and numbers were drawn until it produced a winner.

Forty times was it drawn before we found numbers that matched a paying member and the lucky winner was Peter Slinger from Hindley who pays his agent Gerry Withington when he calls to the house each week. Peter was extremely lucky as he was not in when Gerry called first time but tenacious Gerry didn’t want him to miss out on what he knew was a big week for the draw, so called back the following day and collected his lucky £1 subscription.

Peter, who was originally a fan of Rochdale Hornets when he lived in the Rochdale area, joined LOTTO seven years ago when he moved to Hindley and has never had a winner in all that time but now, well he could not believe that you could actually win so much on a local lottery. That said he was very happy to keep his subscription going as he was very happy that it was supporting Youth Development at Wigan and he was keen to support that aim. Well Peter, your support has now paid off, you have helped many young players on the road to a potential career in Rugby League and now you have a great prize to show for your efforts.

Peter and partner Angela Fitzgerald came down to the stadium on Tuesday along with agent Gerry to collect their cheque and when asked what they were going to spend the windfall on they said that a much needed holiday was first on the cards, possibly to Mexico, so we hope you enjoy that and whatever you spend the rest on.

Gerry also picked up his Lotto Agents bonus cheque of £750 for selling the winning prize so he too was very happy.

To join LOTTO or to become an agent yourself please call 01942 231321 (office hours) or email

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