Press Conference: The Key Points

Press Conference: The Key Points

  • The key points from Adrian Lam and Shaun Edwards’ first press conference
  • Key comments from Edwards, Lam, Kris Radlinski and Ian Lenagan

Wigan’s two new head coaches, along with Executive Director Kris Radlinski and club Chairman Ian Lenagan, faced the media today in their first press conference; here’s all the key points they covered.

The day began with an opening statement from the chairman who outlined just how exciting the two appointments are to the club.

He said ”This is one of the best days for Wigan in a long, long time. It’s not just good for Wigan, but it’s good for Rugby League in general.”

“Both Adrian and Shaun will be building on the brilliant foundations laid by Shaun Wane over the last 7 years.”

On Shaun Edwards:

  • “His integrity in wanting finishing job with wales is very commendable from our view point”
  • “Benefit of the interim year is A; Shaun’s integrity finishing the job with wales, but also B; giving him the chance to be able to get back into the whole modern structure [of rugby league].” On Adrian Lam:
  • “The fact that Adrian recognises that even 1 year at Wigan as head coach will get him the jobs that he wants in the NRL and his commitment to Wigan, we couldn’t have a better pair of people working with us.”
  • If Adrian wins anything here next year I’m sure there will be plenty of NRL clubs wanting him.” On the future:
  • “It’s a refresh for Wigan. It’s a new start again. And that is symbolic of these two and Kris Radlinski.”

Questions were then opened up to the panel Here’s the key parts Shaun Edwards covered: He began by saying that it’s “great to move back to Wigan, to see people I grew up with.”

  • And followed that up with “but, in the end I’m coming back for one thing, the challenge of Rugby League. I’ve had a pretty successful career in Rugby Union and I really fancy having a go at Rugby League now.”
  • “obviously, Wigan, it’s through my bones”.
  • “I’ll be honest, some people think I’m taking a risk. I’ve got an established career in Rugby Union”
  • “People think it’s a risk, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take because this is a special place.”

Adrian Lam answered an number of questions also. Key statements from the 2019 interim head coach were:

  • ‘’I’m honoured to be taking over.”
  • On time with Wigan as a player – “I get emotional just thinking about it… I have some great memories and it’ll always have a place in my heart.”
  • On his son Lachlan Lam singing for Wigan next season – “It’s still a possibility. We will go through the process and know in the next week or so.”
  • “I understand my place in this and I hope I can make a real difference in the next 12 months.”

Executive Director Kris Radlinski also faced a number of questions. Key statements included:

  • “You’ll discover just by spending time with him [Adrian] just how in-depth his knowledge is and it will develop your passion for the game just being in his company.”
  • “Shaun was over the moon when he realised that Adrian Lam would be looking after his team for a year.”

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