Wigan Warriors Community Foundation, Sean O’Loughlin and Behind-a-Smile have worked together to create a t-shirt design which aims to raise awareness of mental health.

The three in thirteen design is influenced by statistics that show three in every thirteen people will, at some point in their lives, experience difficulties with their mental health. Be it anxiety, depression, PTSD or any of the many ways mental health issues can manifest themselves.

Behind a Smile aim to raise awareness of these facts, and start conversations around mental health through their brand designs and collaborations like these. By purchasing this shirt, you are helping Behind A Smile, Sean O’Loughlin and Wigan warriors Community Foundation to continue their good work around mental health.

Limited Edition

The Wigan Warriors Community Foundation and Behind a Smile have produced 50 limited edition t-shirts with a red 13, once these have sold the t-shirt will only be available in black and white. All limited edition shirts come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Sean. All profits from these shirts will go directly to the community foundation to help fund their community mental health programme which will be delivered to schools starting in September.

To order your limited edition shirt visit

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