Foundation partner with PD Kinetics

Foundation partner with PD Kinetics

PD Kinetics is an advanced movement program that incorporates both physical and cognitive activity for people with Parkinson’s and neurological conditions.

PDKinetics neuroactive programmes are designed specifically for the person with Parkinsons to help slow the progression of the condition whilst helping with balance , strength and coordination.

Evidence demonstrates that such exercise programmes are one of the best ways of modifying the condition

The sessions train the body by doing movement using one’s entire muscular structure, and by doing whole and isolated body movements combined with rhythm and a unique blend of martial arts, boxing, structuring and healing movements, resistance and high intensity training.

The Course also offers stretching, strength and balance routines with accountable footwork for co-ordination; and anaerobic and aerobic benefits.

PDKinetcics will provide exhilarating workouts and help increase participants’ confidence, fitness and wellbeing.

The course costs £25 and will start on Thursday 28th June at 1-2pm and last for 6 weeks

To find out more about PD Kinetics, please email

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