Clubby set for 100th game

Clubby set for 100th game

Ahead of Tony Clubb making his 100th appearance we caught up with the popular prop forward.

Clubby, your 100th game for Wigan this week. What does it mean to you?

“It means a lot to me and my family. I spoke to my wife and my mum, who cried. It means a lot to play 100 games for such a great club. It’s special. When I first signed here a few years ago I thought I’d be brought in for a couple of years and then maybe shipped out but here I am. It’s nice to reach this milestone.”

You’ve got a family up here now and are really settled. Do you call Wigan home?

“My wife and I have spoken a lot over the last year and we probably won’t return to London but rather stay in the north now. My daughter, Ella, was raised here and my son, Bill, was born here and that means a lot to me. Bill starts school in September, they’ve got their own little groups of friends up here now and I wouldn’t ever want to take that away from them. My wife has a business here now. We’re all really settled here in the north and as long as my family is happy then I’m happy.”

Clubb joined Wigan in 2014

It was announced that Sam Tomkins was leaving this week. What do you make of that?

“I think Sam has really found his feet again this year and has been one of our best players so it’ll be a big loss for us. He talks a lot, which is massive for us forwards because he gets us to where we need to be. He’ll be sorely missed but such is life, people come and go. Sam thinks it’s right for him and his family and we all accept that. He’ll be a big loss but in the coming months he’ll also be a huge asset too.”

A big game this weekend against Warrington at Magic. Where does it rank in the season so far?

“I think it’s our toughest game so far. Going to Leeds was difficult but Warrington are in some really good form and we’ll have to really be on our mettle. They’re attacking well but I think the most impressive thing about them this year is their defence. They play quite a simple game really, they kick it into the corners and try to pressurise you so we’re going to have to take some tough carries but on the flipside of that we’ll try and do the same to them. It’s going to be a good game and one we’re really looking forward to.”

What do you think of Magic Weekend?

“I’ve not played in Newcastle yet so this is a first for me, I’ve missed the last few years because of injury. I think it’s a great concept and I don’t think you’d be able to do this with many other sports - have all of the fans in the same stadium, having a drink and a laugh and getting along. I got to sit amongst it last year and I really enjoyed it and think we should do more of it.”

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