Sam Tomkins Q&A

Sam Tomkins Q&A

Sam Tomkins said championships are won with games like that after the Warriors hung in there to strike late and beat Leeds 8-9 at Headingley.

Sam you’re one of just four members of this team who know how it feels to have won here before. It’s been a while hasn’t it?

“It has! I was surprised at that stat when we got told it earlier in the week. I remember winning here, it doesn’t seem that long ago but it obviously is. It’s good to get something like that off our backs, it’s something that gets spoken about and can become a distraction so to get that out of our minds can only be a good thing.”

Nerves of steel at the end there…

“Nerves of steel and a bit of luck too I think. The message from the sideline was to not go for the one-pointer as we were too far out but Tommy said we’d have a crack if we got down there so I just had a whack at it and got lucky really.

We really came strong in that final ten minutes didn’t we?

“Yeah, Leeds defended really well, we struggled to break them down for the majority of the game but we never felt like we were out of the game. We knew that if we stuck to our game plan then we’d get something and you’ve got to do that sometimes.

“We can’t always be getting wins like the one over Hull KR where we’re scoring long-range tries, competitions aren’t won off games like that. They’re won with games like this where you might be behind for 60 or 70 minutes but you find a way to win. I think we can take a lot of confidence from this.”

Conditions didn’t seem great under foot too…

“It was a rubbish surface. It was really long grass and really greasy so it ripped really easily. Quite a few people slipped over, I had long studs on and I slipped over a few times so it wasn’t a great surface to play on – by summer I’m sure it’ll be a lot better to play on.”

Good to get two points against Leeds, now onto another of the big guns – Castleford next week…

“Yeah playing the teams around you, it always means more because you can take a step away from them but if you lose you can easily slip down the ladder. These types of games are always important to win, as is every game, but it’s more like a four-point game when you’re playing these games.”

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