Join Our New Fan Panel

Join Our New Fan Panel

  • We’re looking for volunteers to be part of our new Fan Engagement Boards
  • Help us understand the opinion of our fans
  • Range of supporters and stakeholders required

Wigan Warriors are looking for a number of supporters and stakeholders to form the committee for our new Fan Engagement Boards who will be consulted on a whole variety of topics about the Club including operations, ticketing, matchdays, merchandise, digital media and many other areas.

The Warriors intend to assemble the committee with varying characteristics, demographics and levels of engagement in a bid to enable greater discussion, debate and representation in the decision making process, and go out into the community and speak to other fans.

Warriors Community Innovation Manager, Antony Atherton commented,

“We’re making a bold new step in our innovation plan and that is the re-invigoration of fans forums, through newly formed Fan Engagement Boards for adults, juniors and females. We’ll be shaping these to be a further step to understanding fans better.

“We have been busy working behind the scenes to shape the boards, have Chairs in place for all three and are now on the lookout for fans to join the Boards as committee members. The Boards will ensure we listen to our fans, have the ability to react to consensus and be the best club we can be on and off the field.”

Please CLICK HERE to view the role descriptions.

If you would like to be part of the Wigan Warriors Fan Panel please email using the subject line 2018 Fan Panel by 5pm on Monday 26th March 2018. Within your email, you should include the following;

  • Name

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Current Warriors Membership Status

  • Number of years holding a Warriors Season Ticket/Membership (please note that 0 is acceptable)

  • Number of years supporting the Club (again, please remember that we want all type of fans not just those who have supported the Club for 40 years)

  • Marital status

  • Number of children

  • Current town of residence

Plus - no more than 300 words about why you would like to be part of the fan panel.

Fan Engagement Board members will be selected based on the profiles they provide to ensure that the group collective best represents the wide variety of stakeholders involved with the Wigan Club.

NB. Please note that no payment will be made for a position on the Panel and that all members will be asked to sign a binding Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure that certain discussions remain confidential.

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