John Bateman Q&A

John Bateman Q&A

Ahead of his Super League return for the Warriors we caught up with John Bateman.

John, how’s the jetlag? Do you think it will have an impact on us?

“It’s not too bad! We knew what we were letting ourselves in for when we decided to go to Australia. We knew it would be tough when we got back but it’s an 80-minute game at the end of the day. We’ve tried to get in the best condition we can this week, Mark Bitcon (Performance Director) has been telling us when we should sleep and things like that so we’ll be ready for the game.”

Does it help knowing that we’ve coped with it before by going to Australia and putting in a performance to beat Hull over there?

“Definitely! We were going straight after a game last time where as we had a bit more time before coming back. We changed the team a lot during the Souths game and the lads are feeling fresh. It gives us an edge knowing what we’re going into. We’ve trained today (Thursday) and the lads look great so I think we’ll be ok.”

How do you feel after your first run out of the season against Souths?

“I was only supposed to be playing 20 minutes but I didn’t want to come off and got an extra 10 minutes in. It was good to test the finger and my fitness and see where I was. I enjoyed it and it was great to get back out there.”

Bateman played 16 games for the Warriors in 2017

Warrington away, it’s never dull! Not a bad game to make your Super League return in?

“Definitely! We’ve spoken about some of the encounters we’ve had with them over the last few years. They lost their first two games but won last week, they’ve got new coaching staff and are doing some different things so I’m really looking forward to it. It’s always a good game when you go to Warrington. It’s always a packed house so it should be good.”

Anyone in particular you like coming up against in the Warrington team?

“I’ve played with quite a few of their guys for England. I get on well with Chris Hill, Stefan Ratchford and Ben Currie. It’s always good to play against people you know and really test yourself against people like that. I’m just itching to go now.”

Good to get back out there in front of the Wigan fans on English soil too?

“Yeah, we’ve not played at home yet but the fans travelled well to Australia and I’m sure there’ll be even more at Warrington. With it being so close it’s always a great atmosphere especially when we’re winning so we need to make sure we do our bit.”

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