Coen Checks In at Launch

Coen Checks In at Launch

  • RAF Training Instructor Katie Coen named in 23-strong squad for the season

  • Coen represents Warriors Women at Super League Launch

  • Warriors Women also in attendance at Warriors Season Launch Party

Katie Coen says it was good to be able to get her opinions across and meet the girls from the other Super League teams after she represented the Warriors at the 2018 Super League launch.

Coen, 25, has been named in Amanda Wilkinson’s squad as Wigan prepare to field their first ever Women’s team. By day she is an RAF Physical Training Instructor at RAF Honington, but will make the 250-mile trip North to represent her hometown on matchdays for the Warriors.

Military training can restrict personal sports participation, on being able to play team sports again, Coen said: “Unfortunately, when doing military training we weren’t allowed to play sport, to avoid any injuries. As soon as I qualified and got my posting in Honington, I got in contact with the manager of the Women’s RAF Rugby League team.

“I went straight into an 80-minute game against the Armed Forces. It was only a friendly but it was brilliant to get back to playing and I’ve had one full season with them since.”

After impressing at the open trials, Coen was handed a spot on the Women’s team. On being chosen, she said: “It was brilliant when Amanda contacted me about getting in the team. Being a Wigan girl it’s a great honour to be able to go on now and represent my hometown. I know all about the great history of Wigan Warriors, so I’m actually buzzing to get started and get on the field in the Wigan shirt.”

Katie joined Sean O’Loughlin at the Super League launch

The 25-year old made history by becoming the first female player to represent Wigan at a Super League launch last week.

“It was a completely surreal experience for me.” She said.

“We did lots of interviews about the girls’ side of things in the sport, and how it’s picking up. It was good to be able to get our opinions across, and to meet the girls from the other teams who are going be in the same League as us.”

“It was a great experience, it was crazy. It seemed like it was non-stop photographs, my cheeks were hurting at the end of the day from smiling. It was a brilliant experience.”

The entire Women’s team were also invited to the Warriors Launch Party at Revolution Bar, Wigan. “It was just good that we were on par with the men on the night. It was good to mix in with the men’s first team, the sponsors and listening in on the interviews.

“It was a really interesting insight for the girls, it was the first interaction really between the girls us and the fans too since the team was named, it was great for us to be there and put a face to the names.”

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