Dream Come True

Dream Come True

  • Kris Ratcliffe honoured to be involved with newly formed Wigan Warriors women’s team

  • Ratcliffe to Assist Women’s team Head Coach Amanda Wilkinson

  • An experienced coach, Ratcliffe has proven track record

Kris Ratcliffe says it is a dream come true to be involved with the Warriors women’s team.

The Warriors announced in October that they were to launch their first ever Women’s team and will compete in the 2018 Women’s Super League.

Amanda Wilkinson was appointed to lead on the project and she has now brought together a group of backroom staff to support her as the decision on who has made the team edges ever closer.

Life-long Wigan fan Kris Ratcliffe, a former semi-professional Rugby League player, coach and P.E teacher will be Assistant Coach for the team.

Ratcliffe said: “I’ve always supported Wigan, so coming to be involved with Wigan Rugby League is something that I’ve always been interested in, and is a bit of a dream come true.

“It wasn’t necessarily that I came looking for it, Amanda came to me because she knows about the work I’ve done with female rugby teams in the past and she’s seen me coach before. I tend to be quite selective in terms of what I get involved in, rugby wise. If it had have been anything else, the pull wouldn’t have been there, but because it’s Wigan, I don’t mind giving that time up.”

Ratcliffe, 36, has a fine record of working with female Rugby teams and his school side have made eight national finals in the last ten years. He has also coached male teams including England University and England Lionhearts.

England international Rachel Thompson became the first player to sign up for the Warriors Women’s Team

Speaking on working with Amanda, he said: “It’s about finding out where we’re both coming from. You’ve got to get on the same wavelength initially, and sometimes I can be moving in one direction whilst Amanda is going another.

“At the heart of it, we both rate each other and know that each of us can go away separately and do things right. For me, it’s just about bringing our two minds together and making it as successful as we can, together, going forward with the team. Sometimes we have slightly different views, but we’re both evidence based coaches with good track records, so our opinions are never a million miles away from each other.”

A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes as the Warriors prepare to register the Women’s team into the league.

Ratcliffe feels that they have good support surrounding them as coaches: “If Amanda and I had the same view all the time, then there’d be no point having a coaching team. That’s what we are, we’re a team of over ten people in terms of the staff that we’ve got, so everybody’s input will be needed for us, if we are to make this team a success.”

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