Hodgson Happy to be Here

Hodgson Happy to be Here

  • Charlie Hodgson says it is amazing to be at Wigan Warriors

  • Former Sale, Saracens and England Rugby Union player working with Wigan as Kicking Consultant

  • Hodgson tasked with helping Wigan players improve their kicking

Kicking Consultant, Charlie Hodgson, says it is amazing to be at Wigan and working with the Warriors.

Hodgson kicked 970 goals for Sale, Saracens and England during a fine Rugby Union career. Born and raised in Yorkshire, he admits he was ‘amazed’ when he received a call from the Warriors to join them for pre-season.

“I grew up in Halifax, I played Rugby Union but every weekend I’d go and watch Halifax play. That was my bread and butter really growing up, I didn’t watch football I just watched Rugby League.” He said.

“I know the history of Wigan and how successful they’ve been so when I was approached to come and work here it was pretty amazing really. I’ve always watched Wigan from afar and I know Joel Tomkins too as we were at Saracens together at the same time.”

Hodgson joined Wigan in November and has been tasked with helping the Warriors improve their kicking during the pre-season.

Updating on his work with the kickers, he said:

“Every player has a different style but where you start, where you kick the ball and where you finish is the big thing we need to look at. I can show them on a video what went well, what didn’t go well and they can see it for themselves. If they get a better understanding of that then they can correct it.

“The more they watch videos of themselves the more they’ll understand it and then they can take that into a game situation because they know how to fix it.”

Asked if any particular player had stood out, he added:

“They’re not used to doing it all the time, a lot of the players in Rugby Union have been kicking for a very long time but with these guys it’s been more ad hoc.

“A lot of it will depend on selection. Ultimately Shaun Wane will want to put out his best team and one of them will kick. My remit is to make sure all of the guys can do it and do it well when they do.”

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