Pre-Season Blog Week 2

Pre-Season Blog Week 2

  • Oli Gildart’s pre-season blog
  • Super League young player of the year updates fans on squad progress
  • Wigan centre on new signing weights, the World Cup and more

Throughout the pre-season we will catch up with the reigning Super League young player of the year, Oliver Gildart for his inside insight on the squads preparations for 2018.

Pre-Season. Week 2.

Hello everyone, hope you’re all ok! It’s the last week now of the double weights and double skills sessions! Personally, although it has been tough, my body is getting used to it and I’m not as slow as I was at the start and I’ve enjoyed it this week!

For pre-season, Waney (Shaun Wane) and Bitaz (Mark Bitcon), organises a training programme, which consists of the exact same weights for three weeks. The whole squad has been tested every week, so our strength is progressively getting better!

For the last two years during pre-season, we have not been abroad and we are doing the same this year too. We went on a UK tour last year, to various places and camps and although this time we do have some camps set up, it is mostly going to be based in Wigan.

We are, however, going away with Red Bull for a few days in December so that’s a little different this year, but It’s exciting and something new to look forward to!

On a personal note, for where I am physically, I’m very pleased! This year, there has been an emphasis on me putting some weight on by the coaching staff, but muscle weight, not just fat!

I’ve been training hard and I’m up two and half kilograms than when we first started, but I’ve also got a while to go yet with running starting this week. I think that you can only get fit by playing games. We can do all the running in the world, but it’s nothing compared to when you play your first game and it normally takes you (including me) at least four or five games to get game fit and pre-season games are perfect for that!

All of us are working really hard in the gym to try and get physically better and were doing skills as well! As preseason comes to an end and we find out our games, we will change training to more game-related scheduling and because we will know who were playing, we can work on a lot more team preparation and in effect, as practice for the new campaign.

I attended the Wigan Warriors Women’s team launch last week with teammate Willie Isa! Its great to see Amanda Wilkinson in charge of the team, as I’ve known her for a while and she coached me when I was younger! I think its great for the game and with more people talking about it, Rugby League as a sport is recognised even more.

Our new kits also got released on Wednesday and I think they look really good! The black kit reminds me of the one we had a few years ago and the home one is like the old school Wigan kits! I can’t wait to get going and put the jersey on again!

As for the Rugby League World Cup, England are now in the final! We are continuing to improve and I really think we can cause an upset against the Australians, as everyone is bound to back them on their own turf.

Also, good luck to my teammates, Sean (Sean O’Loughlin), John (John Bateman) and George (George Williams) in the final!

See you next week,


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