Pre-Season Blog Week 1

Pre-Season Blog Week 1

  • Oli Gildart’s pre-season blog
  • Super League young player of the year updates fans on squad progress
  • Wigan centre on new signing Gabe Hamlin, cycling, wrestling and more

Throughout the pre-season we will catch up with the reigning Super League young player of the year, Oliver Gildart for his inside insight on the squads preparations for 2018.

Pre-Season. Week 1.

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all good and, like me, are missing the Rugby League campaign!

Our preparations for the 2018 season started two weeks ago now and it never gets easy, I can tell you that! I’ve been back now for the last three weeks as I did the optional week so it’s been really tough. I’ve had a bit of time off and now I’m being put through the paces to get me ready for new season.

Pre-season is always tough though, especially this year because we didn’t manage to get our hands on the Challenge Cup or Super League torphy, Waney (Shaun Wane) and the coaching staff are very disappointed, as are the players, so you can really feel the intensity in training and for me it’s been challenging.

Every Monday during pre-season we do a weight session and then go outside on the field and do a skills session. We also repeat this in the afternoon and have some lunch in-between and we do this most days throughout each week of pre-season. Meanwhile, on Tuesdays we take part in a wrestle fit which is great fun with the lads!

For me, the hardest part of pre-season is the Vo2 cycling! It physically takes everything out of you, as we do it on the first day of pre-season every year. None of the lads enjoy that one so I’m glad I’m not the only one, as we only finish when we physically can’t do anymore. The weights sessions are also challenging as its important to get as strong as we can but all the lads are very sore at the minute.

Last Wednesday, we went down to the Circle Cycling studio in Wigan and took part in a fitness session and that was also very tough! We had a big day Tuesday and going into the fitness exercise took a lot out of me and the lads too.

To other things going on in the early weeks of pre-season, new signing and teammate Gabriel Hamlin has settled in well! I’ve got to known him (probably a bit more than most of the lads) as he’s living with Budgie (Joe Burgess) at the minute and I’m usually round there or he sometimes comes to mine. We’ve also been out a few times but training wise he has found his way very well and he’s a really hard trainer.

As the Rugby League World Cup is currently taking place in Australia, I’ve been watching England with a few of our lads playing and I do think we’ve got a really good chance of winning the World Cup! I know we’ve got Tonga next week and that’s a massive game and they’ve been travelling great but I definitely think we can get to the final and have a real shot.

Also, recently, we’ve had the launch of Wigan Warriors Women’s team and I think it’s great! It’s going to be a great addition to the club and with a few more Super League teams in there, I think it would be a fantastic league to play in and would raise the profile of the women’s game.

That’s it for this week, see you soon!


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