George Williams Q&A

George Williams Q&A

Ahead of his 100th game for Wigan we caught up with stand-off George Williams.

100 games, that’s come round quick?!

“Yes it’s flown-by, it’s a big achievement. I always wanted to play for Wigan but I didn’t think it would happen so quick and so many times so I’m buzzing. It’s massive for me and massive for my family, I’m very proud.”

You couldn’t find a bigger game to mark it with could you?

“No when our media manager Tim messaged me to say I thought wow what a game to play in for my 100th, I’m made up it’s this game though.”

We’re catching them at an interesting time aren’t we?

“Yeah they’ve just got a new coach and we’re not playing too well at the moment, I don’t know which way it will go but we’ll definitely be ready and it should be a great game. It’s a Derby and I think form really does go out of the window whenever we face St Helens.”

That has been the case with this game over the years hasn’t it?

“Definitely! They were struggling last time we played them and they had the man sent off but it was still a really tough game.”

Williams was named man of the match in the 2017 Dacia World Club Challenge win over Cronulla

Excited to have Tommy Leuluai back this week?

“I am, Tommy is a leader and he takes a bit of pressure off me. I can play my own game a little bit more. I’m not a natural organiser, as much as I’m learning game by game it helps me to have Tommy there. He’s a great player so it’s good to have him back.”

There’s been a lot of changes in the halves recently hasn’t there?

“There has and I think we’ve been a bit clicky because of that. Now Tommy is back I think he will give us a lot of direction and I’ll just try to play off the back of that.”

And will you be bringing your kicking boots again?

“I’ve been practising and I’ll be ready to kick again if called upon. I’ve not kicked properly since I was 17 but I did it throughout my junior career so I’ve dusted a few cobwebs off and I’m happy to have a go.”

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