More than the Game

More than the Game

  • 2016 will be about more than just the game

  • We all play our part in making this Club great

  • Are you ready to be part of it?

The final reason to be more excited about 2016 is the fact that 2016 is about more than just the game.

Supporting Wigan is about more than just going to the game, it’s about something bigger, something special.

It’s about playing your role in helping this Club achieve.

2016 will be another rollercoaster of a journey, it will play havoc with your emotions. We’ll feel pride, anger, frustration and joy along the way. It will be a rollercoaster like no other.

Opinions will drive the conversations in the pub, at home or at work.

Why? Because we love this Club.

We always have and we always will. Born or Bred, we Live and Breathe the Cherry & White. As the motto goes, we are Ancient & Loyal.

Some players shed blood on the field, some fans shed a tear off it. Some sing from the heart to cheer on the boys whilst others work tirelessly behind the scenes, making brave and bold decisions.

Why? Because those are the roles we play and the sacrifices we make. All in the name of Wigan Warriors.

There will be nights where we bask in the euphoric highs…and times when we take solace from the camaraderie that we build with our mates, our loved ones or just the person we sit next to at the DW.

Some of us will be privileged enough to play or work for this great club; others will take pride in being a Season Ticket Holder or a member. But when it comes down to it we are as one – creating something special.

That is the Wigan Way and we’ll be doing it all over again in 2016.

Are you ready to be a part of it?

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