Back with a Test

Back with a Test

  • Warriors First Team return to training with test

  • Players and coaching staff undergo testing day at University of Central Lancashire

  • Warriors begin preparation for 2016 season

Wigan Warriors First Team squad returned to training today ahead of the 2016 season and started with a test.

Shaun Wane, Mark Bitcon and the coaching staff took the players up to the University of Central Lancashire to undergo a series of tests to analyse their fitness and condition.

The Warriors’ Performance Department alongside experts from UCLAN put the players through their paces.

Wigan Warriors Director of Performance Mark Bitcon said:

“It’s great to be back here, I know I’m certainly looking forward to it even if the players aren’t! This is where we’ve started our last six pre-seasons and it’s something that we base our pre-season on really.

“We’ve added a few extra bits and pieces to it over the years, it’s still as tough and mentally challenging but we’ve added a bit more science – some more psychology testing, we’ve tried to evolve it as we do every season.”

Lewis Tierney takes the running test

Asked if the players were in good condition, Mark Bitcon said:

“Most are on the mark, there’s a few that have come in slightly underneath it. They’ll be in an early group for the next few weeks and they’ll have a target, if they don’t make that target then they’re in an extras group at 7am every morning for a few weeks.

“The testing is a baseline to see where they’re at and it gives a target for Christmas and we’ll reissue targets after that as well as retest everyone in January. We’ve got six years of really accurate data that we can use to compare so we know exactly where they’re at every step of the way.”

Warriors Head Coach Shaun Wane said:

“We’re all good friends so it’s great to see everyone again, pre-season has gone now, the hangover of the Grand Final has gone and it’s onwards and upwards to make sure that we’re challenging for all the major trophies this year.

“We’re past the days where the players would come back in poor knick, the players know what to expect today, it’s a tough day and not a nice one for them. It’s a real test of character but they’ve done well.”

Mark Quinn - Head of Sports Science & Analysis looks at the results

The majority of the Warriors squad took part in the testing, the England players will report back to training in December following their break whilst a small number of First Team players have been granted an additional few days of leave.

“A few of the players are away,” said Wane. “Some of them are getting married over this Christmas period but every player will do this testing, they all know what they have to do when they come back.

“I understand that players get married, as long as everyone does the same thing then I’m happy.”

New signing Willie Isa takes on the rower

New signing Willie Isa said: “It’s something new to me, the tests that we’ve done, I’m just glad I came through it. It’s the first time I’ve done some of this but it was a good challenge, I just went as hard as I can and I think I did alright. It was a good first day.”

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