Food Warriors

Food Warriors

As part of the “I’m a Green Warrior” initiative, Wigan Warriors Community Foundation is supporting a national campaign to reduce the huge amount of food that is wasted every day. In a new and innovative scheme a Pay as You Feel Café has been developed at Central Park that intercepts food that is excess stock at supermarkets and will not be sold within its use by date, ultimately ending up in landfill sites.

The café, named “Fur Clemt” (meaning very hungry in local dialect) is operated by a number of partners including The Brick, Food Positive, Transforming Wigan and ultimately supported by Foundation partners Wigan and Leigh Homes and Mitsubishi Electric will be open every day between 10am and 2pm for all members of the community to access. A wide range of food is available each day and does not have a fixed price attached to a meal.

Instead users of the café are invited to Pay as They Feel, which basically means they can make a donation small, large or even offer to contribute in kind by becoming a volunteer of the project.

Ann Fairhurst, who came up with the initiative, said:

“Last summer, Fur Clemt teamed up with Wigan Parish Church, The Brick and Food Positive to form a cafe for a month using food from Sainsbury’s that was on its sell by date. We then we cooked meals, selling it on a donation basis. We were inspired by a national project Real Junk Food Project where it focused on feeding bellies not bins. We are delighted to be offering a cafe at Central Park, Montrose Avenue. We have made over 250 meals in three days of operation and are hoping to reach as many people living nearby and also link with some other great initiatives that are on the site”

Wayne Joyce, Community Director added:

“We are delighted to be supporting this initiative as part of our Green Warrior Campaign. We deliver the Learning Curve programme in partnership with Mitsubishi Electric which helps to spread the word about sustainability and reduce, reuse, recycle. The initiative is testament to these values. It’s absolutely astonishing to see the volume of high quality well within use by date food that was potentially heading to a landfill site. Ultimately we want to help to tackle this issue but at the same time provide something that has a real benefit and value to our local community”

The café is open Monday to Friday 10am – 2pm and all members of the community are welcome. The Fur Clemt cafe is looking for volunteers to help out during the week. To get involved or for any further information please e-mail or call the main reception at Central Park on 01942 776 470

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