What is a Typical Pre-Season Day?

What is a Typical Pre-Season Day?

While the players enjoy Christmas and a couple of day's rest ahead of their trip to Florida in January, December proved a tough month of sessions under the Warriors Coaching Staff, we asked Head Coach Shaun Wane just exactly what the players have faced on a typical training day, he told us,

"On most days they have had two weights sessions a day and two skills sessions, they have done a skills session with Iestyn (Harris) in the morning before their weights before they go out on the field with a joint field session and it might be defence or attack on diferent days. Every day when they go home they have had alot of skill put into them, they have then recovered with an ice bath, treatment and they have had their rehab and they will be sore every day. There are also days when they have wrestling sessions as well, every day the players go home and they know they have trained and they know the benefits from what they have done.

"We also have had sessions at Rivington and Formby which are also mentally tough. When they finish it is a feeling of elation , it is a tough challenge, we are getting alot into the players, we did last year and it paid off."

Many Clubs concentrate heavily on fitness in pre-season but for Shaun and his staff it's fitness mixed with important skill sessions, he added,

"I want our players to be fit, strong with low body fats and also very skillful, be mentally tough and have good levels of concentration. We need a bit of everything and that is important in a quality Rugby League player. What Mark Bitcon does followed by what we do as coaches is really important and that is what makes our game so good."

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