Lockers Ready to Play his Part

Lockers Ready to Play his Part

Wigan Skipper Sean O'Loughlin says he is fit and raring to go as England prepare for their World Cup clash with Ireland in front of a sell out crowd at Huddersfield this Saturday.

O'Loughlin has been troubled with an achilles injury which has meant he has only played recently in the big games,the Challenge Cup Final and Grand Final. Speaking to the press at England's Training base in Loughborough on Tuesday, he said,

"It would be good to get out and play in a game that isn't a final to be honest and lose the reputation of just picking big games,

"It's been the best two months of my playing career, winning the Challenge Cup and the Grand Final, it's just frustrating that I wasn't as involved as I wanted to be.

"I did minimal work with the lads on the field before the Australia game so I was never really in contention for it.

"I will train with the lads as normal this week. I've done all my fitness testing with the staff, who have got me to a point where I'm good to go."

Sean is desperate to play a major role in the World Cup, especially after missing the last one in 2008 with a broken shoulder and sitting out last Saturday's opening 28-20 defeat by Australia.

"I was gutted not to be part of the team in 2008," he said. "Thankfully I've got back for this one and I'm just looking forward now to being involved.

"It was frustrating on Saturday. Sitting back and watching, you realise the momentum the World Cup has got and how well supported the matches are.

"I'm looking forward to getting back to playing regular week in, week out games. It will probably take me a couple of games to get back up to 100 per cent match fitness but my body feels good. I feel like I've come off a bit of an off season really."

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