A Wigan World Cup for Ben

A Wigan World Cup for Ben

The Wigan Warriors Foundation have been getting in the mood for the World Cup this last month with help from a French friend.

Ben Bossean has been visiting the Foundation team for the last month in a bid to help his English and pick up tips from the team in coaching youngsters. Ben who is 18 and from Avignon has been going into primary schools in Golborne and Ashton, assisting Sport Development Officer Bethan Simpson with the Foundations World Cup programme.

Ben has proved to be a great asset these last few weeks as the team have been teaching year 4 pupils French through sport. Learning such things as colours, numbers and direction, children at Golborne Primary, Golborne All Saints and Our Lady's Immaculate have used his language skills to get in the mood for the fourth coming Rugby League World Cup.

Bethan Simpson Sport Development Officer said,

"Ben couldn't have timed his work with us better. The programme teaches the children all about the countries in the World Cup as well as rugby skills so when it was French week, he was ideal, much better than my GCSE French anyway. Hopefully he can take some of the games and lessons back to Avignon with him."

Ben added,

"I've really enjoyed my time here, the children and staff have been very welcoming. I have found the accent very different from what we learn at home, but it is also more realistic than in the text books. I play rugby union at home but I have learnt a lot about league and things I can take home to teach our children. I will definitely be paying more attention to Rugby League now and follow France in the World Cup."

The Foundation team would like to thank Ben for his time this last month and wish him a safe trip home.


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