Youth Offenders Scheme Returns for Community Week

Youth Offenders Scheme Returns for Community Week

Wigan Warriors Community Foundation has continued its Youth Offenders scheme during Community Week in partnership with the Wigan Youth Offending Team.

The Youth Offenders Scheme is based on giving young offenders a new start and new opportunities through the use of sport and helping the young people restore their position in the community. The Foundation is now working with the 7th group of young offenders; each group has resulted in an improvement in the lifestyle of the young men. The scheme started in 2011 and more than 60 young people have benefited from it since its birth.

The Foundation have just started working with a new set of young offenders and have been impressed with the hard work and commitment that the young men have shown. Over the coming weeks they will be challenged to organised a charity event and also do some training with the Greater Manchester Fire Service.

Community Foundation coach, Tommy Gallagher said:

"It is a great opportunity to help these young people get back on track, it's amazing to see the way sport can motivate people to strive for a better lifestyle."Community Week is a whole week of community activity around the local area to raise the profile of the clubs official charity, the Wigan Warriors Community Foundation. Day 5 of Community Week is Farrell Friday, as part of this the Foundation are auctioning off an ebay item signed by Liam Farrell himself which can be found by [clicking here]

You can see the latest Community Week blog entry [here]



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