Daz must Wait and See

Daz must Wait and See

Wigan Warriors centre Darrell Goulding will have to wait and see on his fitness as the Warriors prepare for Friday's Big One 4 home fixture with Hull FC.

Darrell was stretchered off on Friday against Castleford following an accidental collision with Nick Youngquest. Speaking post match to the Wigan Evening Post he said,

"I was out cold so I had no idea what was going on.

"Then when I came around I was panicking, there were all these faces around me, and they were moving me on to a stretcher and I didn't know what was happening.

"The physio said I wasn't breathing properly and I had the mask on. But once I found out there was nothing wrong with my neck, I was relieved. They did the tests and there's no real damage - nothing a visit to the dentist won't sort out. I was just gutted that I had to be stretchered off!"

Goulding - who has been in outstanding form in the right centre position this season - has been ordered to rest for two days and won't know until later this week whether he will be fit to face Hull FC in Friday's Big One 4.

"I'll start running on Wednesday and then I'll have to take a head (cognitive) test, so I'll have to see," he added. "I'd like to play against Hull, but either way I'll definitely be back to face Warrington the week after."


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