Unacceptable Gesture By Sam Tomkins

Unacceptable Gesture By Sam Tomkins

Sam Tomkins has been the subject today of disciplinary action by Wigan Rugby League Club in respect of his disrespectful gesture to the Leeds fans during Saturday's Carnegie Challenge Cup Final. The Wigan Club regrets this behaviour by one of its players and takes full responsibility without limitation or excuses. The player has been censured and fined.

The Wigan Club has apologised formally to the Leeds Club and, through this Press Release, to Leeds fans generally.

Wigan Chairman and Owner, Ian Lenagan, commented:-

"We were ashamed at the gesture made to the Leeds fans by a Wigan player, Sam Tomkins, in Saturday's Final. Such gestures towards opposing fans have no place at Wigan or in the Rugby League family and both I and Michael Maguire condemn them unreservedly."

"Sam has come forward today to apologise voluntarily for his immature action which he knows reflects badly on the Wigan Club and himself and was disrespectful to Leeds fans generally. He is determined to learn personally from the experience which has detracted somewhat from our enjoyment of a great game and a Wigan victory."

Sam Tomkins commented:-

"I apologise for my gesture to the Leeds fans at Saturday's Cup Final which I regret immensely. I got caught up in the heat of the moment of celebrating a try at Wembley but understand that my actions were unacceptable. There are no excuses and if I could go back and change things, I would certainly do so.

"I accept the disciplinary action taken by the Club and hope my action does not reflect badly on the Wigan Club, the Coach or my team mates".


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