£10,000 Lotto Draw This Friday

£10,000 Lotto Draw This Friday

This Friday will see the Wigan Warriors Development Association make its half yearly £10,000 Lotto SUPER JACKPOT draw on the pitch before the game. Former Wigan legend Henderson Gill will be making the walk onto the pitch to push the button and make someone very happy.

Henderson who scored 762 points in 232 Wigan appearances loves returning to Wigan and always gets a fantastic reception and I am sure he will again on Friday and no doubt the £10,000 winner, whoever he or she may be will think he is better than ever.

If you wish to join the draw so you too can enter the £10,000 draws along with the normal weekly prizes call Keith Mills or Vicky Cowpland now on 01942 231321.

Pictured is Mr Lawrence who won £10,000 last year at the home game with Salford.


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