Flag Fund Fun

Flag Fund Fun

Last Saturday saw the first anniversary of the Flag Fund, which was celebrated by around 130 guests at the Spring View Cricket Club in what was a traditional rugby league gathering. Their rise in status was apparent with the attendance of Wigan, Wales and Great Britain legend Billy Boston

The Flag Fund is a group of fans who set out to make the DW feel like home for the fans through designing and purchasing an array of fantastic flags dedicated to the Wigan Rugby League Club. Many agree that they have achieved in making the DW a unique and inspiring place.

It was evident how much this group has inspired the fans of this club as tickets for the event where snapped up in days. Simon Collinson, the Warriors Marketing Director, was in attendance and generously donated a season ticket and a pair of tickets to the World Club Challenge for the raffle.

Andrew Jukes from the Flag Fund told the Warriors,

"I would just like to let everyone know that we're an open group always looking for ideas & volunteers. Also we like to thank Billy Boston and everyone for attending and being so generous in their contribution to the evening!"

The evening consisted of, music, a raffle, stand up bingo, food made and served by the organiser's wives, the Superleague Trophy and all in the presence of a Wigan Legend. A great time was had and some incredible prizes where won. One which must get a mention was the unbelievable donation of a signed and framed 2009 Parramatta shirt, which almost everyone had their eye on.

The total raised on the evening was an amazing £1033, double what they were hoping for. That now sets them up nicely for their plans at the World Club Challenge, where they set out to create a site never before seen at a rugby league game. The Flag Fund are true supporters of the Club and have generously helped support an upcoming Wigan Warriors Community Foundation by providing sponsorship and publicity.

No one can believe how far this group has come in just 12 months and yet they only have aspirations to go bigger and better. This has to be the most organised and hard working group of people whose only dedication is to the Wigan club and its fans.

Anyone who is interested in contributing towards this initiative or would like to attend any of the meetings please contact Andrew Jukes or visit www.wiganflag.co.uk


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