Warriors Thank Extras

Warriors Thank Extras

Wigan Warriors would like to thank everybody who took part in the recent filming of the Club's new TV advertising campaign.

Marketing Director Simon Collinson said:

"We would like to thank everyone who gave up their Saturday morning to help us film this groundbreaking new advertising campaign.  It was an early start, and as with all shoots of this nature there was some waiting around, however the fans that took part were fantastic and this advert wouldn't have been possible without them."

The names of those that took part are: N Gallagher, A Jukes, A Jukes, T Jukes, B Jukes, A Bailey, D Seddon, T O'Neill, A Fairhurst, T Shenton, E Dobson, A Shenton, G Phillips, B Phillips, P Dobson, J Crews, L Wilde, A Reay, T Flanagan, K Spencer, J Reay, M Wharton, D Kuzio, P Dickinson, R Spencer, K McKie, P Bolton, D Turner, A Turner, R Dickinson, K De, C Rigby, C Aucott, A Aucott, A Mills, R Speakman, J Deakin, M Speakman, J Anglesea, S Lucas, S Matthews, J Highton, J Bithell, J Bithell, S Bithell, C. Bithell, L Hatton, R Hatton, E Foulkes, C Foulkes, M Fairhurst, A Wadey, E Craig, B Hayes, K Goulding, S Ellison, G Battersby, L Braithwaite, E Braithwaite, I Craig, J Dunn, D Massey, A Dunn, D Massey, S Craig, H Craig, L Fletcher, C Spencer, P MacLeod, S. Tomkins, R Myler, S Hermann, R Hart, J Hart, D Kendall.

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