Warriors To Use Cutting Edge Technology

Michael Maguire plans to use cutting-edge satellite technology to help get the most out of his players next season.

Warriors’ new coach aims to introduce a GPS system that will track how far players run during training - and also in matches.

Players will wear tiny, special sensors underneath their kit, allowing Maguire and his coaching staff to monitor their heart-rates - and how quickly they recover from collisions - as well as hydration.

Chairman Ian Lenagan told this week's Wigan Observer: “It’s the sort of technology that, as a club, we want to be at the forefront of.

“It’s just like in Formula One they monitor the cars - we’ll be monitoring the players instead.”

The system has not yet been introduced but Wigan hope it will be in place before the start of Super League XV.

Maguire said: “The GPS monitors players and finds out certain things about them and what they are exactly doing in training.”

He got the idea from Aussie Rules and says he is always looking out for developments that will give Wigan an advantage over their rivals.

“In Melbourne we had the Aussie Rules teams and they are at the cutting edge at the moment,” he added. “They’re the type of things I want to bring to the Wigan Club.

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