Fun… With Good Reason!

Wigan Warriors helped the kids of Ince have a great time at last week’s road safety fun day at Ince Rose Bridge.

There was human table football, paintball, climbing and rugby league with the Warriors, plus badge making and colouring for the less adventurous.

But, behind it all, a serious message: “Be safe, Be seen”.

Organised by Danny Jones, the Community Development Officer at Rose Bridge High School, the fun day was designed to entertain the youngsters and gently remind them of the importance of keeping safe on the streets. Danny sits on the Borough’s Road Safety Forum as Road Safety Champion for Ince.

"It’s about getting the kids involved," he says. "And whilst they are with us, we can share the road safety message and present them with high visability kit as well."

With support from Wigan Council’s Local Transport Plan Delivery Team, Danny, together with assistance from local resident and council employee Catherine Rothwell - have been working behind the scenes to develop a community profile to determine the reasons for the high numbers of children being injured on the roads.

Together, they have co-ordinated the event and activities at Ince and Rose Bridge Sports and Community Centre. Every child who attended received a reflective gym bag and drinks bottle with the road safety message. Road safety mascot Brainy Bear, from the Trauma Rehabilitation Unit also met the children wearing his special safety t-shirt and handed out lightsticks and more ‘Be Safe, Be seen’ road safety information.

The message from Danny’s team is: "Do your bit - together we can reduce the numbers of children involved in road traffic accidents."

  • Wear your seatbelt front and back at all times
  • Ensure children are strapped into the appropriate child seats or booster seats
  • Don’t drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, even some prescription or over the counter drugs
  • Watch your speed
  • Don’t use your mobile phone, mp3 / i-Pod while driving
  • Be safe and be seen - wear bright clothing through the dark winter months.

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