Noble Reflects on Wakefield Win

Wigan Warriors recorded a narrow 8-4 win on Friday evening at the JJB Stadium against the Wakefield Trinity Wildcats.

The game was played in awful cinditions with just one try scored by Warriors skipper Sean O'Loughlin. Speaking afterwards Head Coach Brian Noble told the media,

"That was our fourth game in 12 days and with the weather it was never going to be pretty. You have to take your hats off to both teams for the effort they put in to try and win the game. I thought we were Ok with the ball in the first half and defended outstandingly well in the second half. Wakefield will take alot out of the game but it was very stop start wasn't it?"

The flow of the game wasn't helped by 32 penalties, on that Brian said,

"That's probably a Super League record isn't it? We're just going to drive our fans away if this continues.

"The whole focus at the moment is on referees and how many penalties they have given and, with the best will in the world, I'll go through every one of his penalties and there's probably justification for probably all of them.

"Some I might be able to argue with but you could probably find another 50 or 60 of the same in the game.

"We have to find some common ground and we have to find some common sense, I feel, because 32 penalties in a game ruins it.

"I don't know what the driving force behind it is, but it must be somebody.

"It's not for me to say, but we are extremely disappointed about the amount of penalties we are giving away, and it's something we consciously talk about every week.

"I think there is an expression called nit-picking - but I always thought the game was about the players and the referees had to be anonymous."

On Trent Barrett who missed the game, Brian added,

"He had a swollen knee after the Hull KR game but we are confident he will be OK for Leeds next week."

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